Energy Future

Clean Energy Transfer Fund (CETF) is at the forefront of changing the renewable energy market in Australia.

As we embrace a carbon-neutral future, the Australian energy market is going through the largest structural change to electricity generation and distribution in more than a century.

In this rapidly changing environment, we provide the investment certainty that is needed to support the introduction of clean energy solutions so that Australia can meet its international commitments in delivering sustainable and reliable low-carbon energy.

We also help to develop reliable and quickly dispatchable energy storage systems that are crucial to ensuring the growth and stability of Australia’s electricity networks into the future.

Through our specialist fund, established in 2019 and designed for the future energy market, we continue to look for ways to deliver new wholesale products to encourage further investment in renewables across Australia, in support of government policy and the future of the planet.

What we do

CETF provides new renewable energy projects with the assurance they need to secure funding and get off the ground.


We give project proponents the security they require to fund renewable energy development.

Our team identifies potential renewable energy and storage projects of the highest quality.

We then negotiate long-term agreements (power purchase agreements) to purchase future electricity generation output. This provides the important commercial underpinning necessary to support project developers in securing project finance.

Development and

We have established a portfolio of projects and partnerships across the renewables sector.

Our portfolio currently includes eight wind projects in Victoria.

It also includes innovative battery trading agreements aligned to projects that are under development that help to provide grid firming functions and smooth energy supply fluctuations by discharging energy directly into the national electricity market when it is needed most.

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